Conference Scope

This meeting, the tenth in the series of IPCO conferences, is a forum  for researchers and practitioners working on various aspects of integer  programming and combinatorial optimization. The aim is to present recent  developments in theory, computation, and applications of integer  programming and combinatorial optimization.

Topics include, but are not limited to:
 * integer programming
 * polyhedral combinatorics
 * cutting planes
 * branch-and-cut
 * lift-and-project
 * semidefinite relaxations
 * geometry of numbers
 * computational complexity
 * network flows
 * matroids and submodular functions
 * 0,1 matrices
 * approximation algorithms
 * scheduling theory and algorithms

In all these areas, we welcome structural and algorithmic results,  revealing computational studies, and novel applications of these  techniques to practical problems. The algorithms studied may be  sequential or parallel, deterministic or randomized.

During the three days, approximately thirty papers will be presented,  in a series of sequential (non-parallel) sessions. Each lecture will  be thirty minutes long. The program  committee will select the papers  to be presented on the basis of extended abstracts to be submitted.
The proceedings of the conference will be published by Springer as a  Lecture Notes in Computer Science volume, and will contain full texts of  all presented  papers. Copies will be provided to all participants at  registration time.


 George Nemhauser, Chair
 Egon Balas
 Daniel Bienstock
 Bob Bixby
 William Cook
 Gerard Cornuejols
 William Cunningham
 Bert Gerards
 Ravi Kannan
 William Pulleyblank
 Laurence A. Wolsey